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At Kidzense we created the weekend planner to give parents some ideas for things to do over the Weekend. This past Labor Day weekend we were able to get to some of the places that we have recommended. Friday night was movie Night 1st we cooked together (Egg Omelets) Kids can help with almost every aspect of this from cracking eggs, adding spices, mixing, and adding toppings. After Dinner we picked out a movie "Ratatouille" and made popcorn.
Saturday we finally got out to Kayak in Piermont. We rented our Tandem Kayak from Paradise Canoe and Kayak.
We paddled Through the marsh out towards the Hudson river then turned around and made our way down one of the tributaries were we saw a bunch of blue crabs (The move surprisingly fast) and some birds.

(Maybe someone can let me know what type of bird this is)
The tide was going out and we got stuck in the mud so we had to back paddle out back into the main waterway. We made our way back to the dock passsing a few kayakers along the way. The trip was just about the right time at 1 hour.
After our Kayak trip we went to the playground Adjacent to the Rental place. The playground has been renovated with a new climbing and Slide section. After the playground we got a snack in Piermont at Burnbury's Cafe and then went to the Gazebo in the town center. The Gazebo is a great place for a picnic.

Sunday we went to the Land of Make Believe in Hope NJ.
The Land of Make Believe is an amusement and water park, with shows that kids and parents can be a part of, Hayrides, a Petting Zoo, and a Train.
There are a number of rides for kids of all ages such as Red Baron Airplane Ride, T-Rex, Grand Carousel, For Older kids there is the Roller Coaster, free-falling, and the Tornado.

Monday was a little laid back we went to City Place in Edgewater and got some new Clothes for School and stopped at Panera Bread for a snack (I love there french toast bagel) Afterwards we went to the movies to see Fly me to the Moon a 3D Movie about three housefly best friends who buzz their way onto the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. I have to give it a mixed review the 3D is spectacular. The best I have seen so far it definitely creates a different experience for movie- goers. There are scenes like the rocket launches where you are transported into the movie and can't help but reach out to touch what appears to be right in front of you. The movie is also educational in telling the story of the space race of the sixties. The downside was the main characters are flies and although they are cartoons they are lacking the charisma and likability of the insects in A Bugs Life and Ants. I am not sure if this is as much a result of the animation or the dialog and voices given to the characters. There some standout characters like the grandfather (with the voice of Christopher Lloyd) and they made the maggots (Um Baby flies as cute as could be expected). Stay During the credits as there is a Cameo from Buzz Aldrin.
Bottom Line: Go see it in the movies because the 3D is worth it but go to the matinee for a discounted rate

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