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Your Labor Day Vacation Planner

Labor Day marks the un-official end of summer so as park of this weeks planner I will recap some of the best places of the summer and try to link some stuff together to make the most of the 3 Day weekend. The weather this weekend is a bit mixed with Saturday calling for T-storms and Sunday and Monday looking Sunny all the days should be warm.

Skylands Region:
Panther Lake Camping Resort in Andover (800) 543-2056 Rates for Cabins from $80 a night. Panther Lake has fishing, swimming, and boating available. Other Attractions that are local to Panther Lake include: Franklin Mineral Museum, Land of Make-Believe, Mountain Creek Resort/Water Park, Skylands Park, Space Farms Zoo & Museum, Stokes State Forest, Wild West City.

Atlantic Region:
Blueberry Hill Campground has an Olympic and kiddie size pools, Playground, and game room. Local attractions include: Distance to Local Attractions in NJ:
Chestnut Boat Yard on Mullica River, Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, Renault Winery, Smithville Village, Batsto Village, Hamilton Mall, Shore Mall, Story Book Land, Atlantic City Beaches and Boardwalk, Atlantic City Cruises, and Brigantine Beaches
Plan your Visit to the Jersey Shore.

Dinosaur Crossing: Bring your family for a day of educational fun with prehistoric outdoor exploration and discovery on 50 acres of pristine woodlands. Encounter over 25 life-sized dinosaurs set amid 1½ miles of easy walking trails in Dinosaur Crossing at “The Dinosaur Place”! 1650 ROUTE 85, MONTVILLE, CT 06370

Mystic Seaport: Kids under 5 Free Hotels in the are range from 60-169/night

Mystic Aquarium: Adults 24 and Children 3 and up $18 Great aquarium with Whales, Sharks, Shows, and more
The Maritime Aquarium: See a very rare “great white of the wetlands,” The Maritime Aquarium welcomes an eight-and-a-half-foot albino alligator!

Dinosaur Weekend: A dinosaur weekend in Connecticut that we did a few weeks back with the expected rain on Saturday this is a good option.

Great places to take children in New York City
Children's Museums
Many of New York's museums offer programs and activities for kids of all ages. We have museums listed by appropriate age group so you can find the perfect place.
Central Park
There are lots of sights to keep kids busy in Central Park including the Carousel, Loeb Boathouse, Central Park Zoo, and Wollman Rink. Check out the Central Park website for playground listings with photos, descriptions, and maps.
Zoos, Aquariums and Gardens
Kids love to be where the wild things are; the urban jungle maintains a number of wonderful zoos, aquariums and gardens.
To help with filling up the Car here is the AAA Gas price Finder
Checkout Activities that have been listed before: Some Good ones have been Liberty Science Center, Museum of Natural History, Lewis Morris State Park, Piermont NY has a little place called Paradise Canoe and Kayak right next to a playground and Tallman State park.
In Bergen County is Van Saun Park .

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I Picked a Fight with Lance Armstrong

It was in Montgomery County on Sunday August 24th 2008 and together with other riders, runners, walkers, volunteers , and donators we raised nearly $3 million dollars for the 12 million Americans living with cancer today.

In the words of Lance
Cancer is defiant. So we're going to defy it. It's persistent. So we have to persevere. It's discouraging. So we must have courage. We are the LIVESTRONG Challenge - uniting people to pick a fight with cancer.

The Livestrong Challenge is one of the best organized events I have ever been a part of.
On Saturday afternoon I picked up my registration pack and visited the expo center were I filled out the cards that I would pin to my Jersey the next day during my ride.

This is always a moving experience as I do not generally spend time thinking of how Cancer has affected me. While I have been fortunate not to have been diagnosed with Cancer, It has taken away my Aunt, Grand Father, and few friends during this time I am saddened that they are no longer here but I am also inspired to do the ride and raise even more money for LAF.

After I left the indoor Expo center I took a Trek Remedy for a test ride
On Saturday we got our bike jerseys and later met for Dinner at the Iron Hill Brewery a great place to eat and drink.

The Livestrong Challenge provides riders with an exceptional route that is clearly marked. Police and/or course marshalls are at almost every turn, Rest stops are every 10 miles and compete for your vote to be nominated the best rest stop. Roving Sag and Maintenance vehicles were visible throughout the ride.

As for the ride this year it was more difficult for me than last year.
(My riding this year has been erratic at best Having weeks with 150+ miles comprised of structured rides and endurance miles followed by weeks where I am lucky to ride to the corner store.)
I found myself struggling to keep any kind of a pace on the climbs (In the past I would welcome the climbs and power or spin up them) This year I was standing on the pedals in the smallest gear I had slowly making my way up. On some of the climbs I was able to find my old (or should I say younger) self. I also found inspiration in a Poster that was in the expo center. It had a quote from Lance that said "Pain is Temporary If I quit however, it will last forever" I was able to dig deep during the last 15 miles trying to finish in 6 hours I pushed the pace to 20 mph finding other riders to pace line with and leapfrog between when I finished I was spent I went to my car and laid down for a while with a cold water. Afterwards I got changed and met with some of the team members at the Beer Garden Yes there is a Beer Garden along with a great post ride meal that is nothing short of a feast with Pizza from Pizza Hut, Pasta, Salads, and a Variety of Hoagies;Subs;Po-boys or whatever they call them where you are from.

Team Charlie's Buds Which was started In Memory and Honor of Charlie Yates had 39 members and beat it's Fundraising Goal of 15K by raising over 23 thousand Dollars this year

I would like to thank those who Donated:
Carolyn Pullman, Diane Haser, Elissa Nelson, Karen Williams, Mark Sganga, Susan Williams Tim McConville , and Trish Williams, BP for their Sponsorship, and our Team Captain Ian Fisher for keeping us motivated and informed.

Click Here to Donate

Man Documented Life with Daily Polaroids

Something about this story resonated with me so I thought I would share it Kind of neat a trip thru time from one persons perspective kinda like Forest Gump.
In 1979, Jamie Livingston, a New York film student, decided to keep a photo diary of his life by taking one daily Polaroid image. For 18 years he never strayed from his photo-of-the-day plan — until his death in 1997. Now, this unusual collection of photos can be seen online. Part of the appeal of the site is the everyman quality to the photographs. It’s also a legacy of the thousands of tiny details that otherwise might have gone forgotten.

5 Coupon Sites that will save you money

Everybody loves to save money, there is something satisfying about getting something for less or free.

In a previous Blog Article 10 Ways to save Money #8 was to use Coupons. To help with that effort I have included some online Coupon Sites. These sites are simple to use, require little or no disclosure of personal information, and will save you $$$.

1. Coupons for places you shop everyday. Find coupons on this site either with their search utility or the convenient most used and favorite coupon categories.

2. Yahoo Coupon Center This site is in beta but pretty straight forward with groupings by category or Merchant

3. Cheap Uncle Not Just a coupon site but a price comparison site as well. The site uses prices from both Yahoo shopping and Coupon Cabin. Cheap Uncle Searches over 3,000 coupons and Deals.

4. Fat Wallet This site requires registration (email) but credits your account with money back from merchants Amounts range from 1% of purchases Below are some samples.

Merchant Cash Back
Apple Store 1.0% * 1.0% *
Circuit City 2.0% *
HP Home Store 5.0% *

5. Coupon Mountain The 1st site of this type that I ever heard of. It has a nice search utility to help find what you need and a handy sidebar with quick links for Stores, Top Discounts, Coupon Categories, and additional Resources.

No Coupon site list would be complete without mentioning not only will you find good deals and coupons but you will be inspired by sites content and readers who are extremely passionate about saving money and sharing how they have done it

If you have any coupons or sites that you would like to share please drop us a comment.

What you need to know about what your toddler is eating

I previously posted this article back in June but upon reading ProBlogger tips on the Importance of titles I thought I would put this out again (*This time with a different title)

The human brain is particularly susceptible to the effects of poor nutrition during the early years of development, and most preschool diets are either average or impoverished.[1]

Young brains need many nutrients for learning. Food additives and Deficiencies in some nutrients have been linked to ADD and ADHD.
Some guidelines that can help are:

No Soft Drinks - At least till the age of 5, and then only as an occasional treat. Replace Soft drinks with Water, Natural Fruit Juices (Without corn Syrup or Fructose Sweeteners), and Low fat Milk.
Limit Potato Chips, Donuts, Pop-Tarts, and Cookies. These should be a treat and healthier alternatives like whole grain pretzels or baked chips, fruits like bananas, sliced apples, grapes, and watermelon are ideal snack choices.
Natures Path has some better snack options for Toaster pastries, Cookies, and Chips.

Stick with whole foods, real foods, and reduce the manufactured processed ones.

Nutritional supplements can help to avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but you should try to get most of these thru the food your child eats. Try this online Balanced Meal Planner to ensure that you are selecting enough foods from the major food groups.

Children have their favorite foods and sometimes it seems like it is next to impossible to get them to eat anything other than mac and cheese or PB&J one way to get your Child to eat healthy foods is to hide them in their current favorites.
For tips for some simple strategies for hiding healthy foods in kids' favorite meals checkout

Resources used
[1] M. Georgieff and R. Rao, "The Role of Nutrition in Cognitive Development," in Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, eds. C. Nelson and M. Luciana (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2001)

Weekend Planner Aug. 15-17

This weekend will be a mixed bag with T-storms and Showers for most of Saturday and Sunday being mostly sunny.

Some Saturday morning indoor options could be Storytime at Barnes and Noble or Take in a Kids Movie

The Animated Kids Movie Fly me to the Moon Opens this weekend

Check with your local library to see what they have going on many Libraries offer Storytime, Crafts, and computer workshops for young Children.

Liberty Science Center: Saturday, August 16th 2008
Diggin' Fossils
Practice paleontology as you hunt through fossil-rich sand for remains of extinct marine life, including real shark teeth. Compare your find with a photo panel to identify the type of creature your fossil came from, then take it home!
When: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Cost: One free fossil per person with paid admission

Dinosaur State Park in Connecticut has its Dinosaur Day on Saturday August 16th 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m Meet Dilly the Dilophosaurus, play games, win prizes, experiment with arts and crafts, have a face painted, and enjoy good food, live animal shows, entertainment, and the indoor and outdoor features of the park.All outdoor activities are free,except for the Mining Sluice, which has a materials' fee.Additional programs are scheduled in the Exhibit Center and are included with admission.

On Sunday with the weather nicer you may want to get out and about. I found a great site about fishing with Kids.
Campmor on Route 17 has a Kids Fishing Kit

Here is a comprehensive list of Parks in New Jersey: Park Index

The Ramapo Rally: Sunday August 17th The emphasis is on the enjoying the ride and the scenery. The 12-mile route rides are designed for beginners and families leaves between 9:00 and 10:00.
A portion of the proceeds of this event will be donated to Camp Sunshine in Ridgewood, NJ aiding multiply-disabled children and young adults since 1960.

If you have been someplace that you liked or didn't - Please share.
If you are interested in an activity let us know and maybe we will check it out.

Dino Weekend in Connecticut - Continued

Yesterday I spoke about our 1st day in Connecticut and our visit to the Peabody Museum. After we left the museum we went to a nice Irish pub called Anna Liffey's for dinner about 4 or 5 blocks away (I forgot to mention yesterday bring lots of change for the parking meters .25/15 min). Afterwards we went to the Lowe's off of Exit 8 to get plaster of Paris for our Track Casting that we would be making at Dinosaur State Park in Rock Hill CT. Then onto our Hotel in Cromwell The Comfort Inn. You may be able to get a great rate here ($70-80) and they do have a decent continental breakfast, high speed Internet, and a friendly staff but it was not clean we tried 3 rooms before we found one that didn't smell musty and our daughters socks got black from walking on the rug. The hotel was very close (5 miles) from Dinosaur State Park.

We arrived out Dinosaur State Park with our Items to make the Track Casting. We started our day making the track casting, definitely the highlight of the day. Indoors under the Dome you will find Dinosaur Tracks, Life Size Triassic and Jurassic Dioramas, an auditorium were movies are shown throughout the day, interactive discovery center, and gift shop. The park has a program of Movies and Activities constantly happening. The Activities we did while at the park an animal feeding, movie, Trackway Talk, Nature Walk, and Touch Cart with Fossils, rocks, and minerals.

Saturday, August 16, 2008 is Dinosaur State Park Day with special events on tap.
If you get out to the event please let us know how it was. Dinosaur State Park is a unique experience in that you get to take home a Dilophosaurus Footprint and See where these Dinosaurs actually Walked 200 million years ago. It is one of the largest dinosaur track sites in North America.

Dino Weekend in Connecticut

If you are looking a close Educational and Fun getaway that is a little different than the NYC Museums a short trip up I-95 may have what you are looking for. Sure these destinations have Dinosaur bones and other standard museum exhibits, but what differentiates them is the level of interactivity. Our first stop was the Peabody Museum in New Haven on the Yale University Campus. This museum is marked by the Bronze Torosaurus perched high above on a pedestal in front of the museum. After you enter the museum thru the Gothic style entrance You will find the dinosaur exhibit in a hall to the right. Before you enter the Dinosaur hall you will pass thru an interactive geological exhibit with Volcano, space, and cave Spelunking exhibits. The Dinosaur Hall has the complete Skeletons of over 10 Dinosaurs and a display with a succession of the horned dinosaur skulls. There is a small trackway of footprints, A T-Rex and Albertasaurus Skull and a Mural of Dinosaurs throughout the different time periods.

On the 2nd floor there is the Discovery Room which is one of the most popular destinations at the Yale Peabody Museum, visited by more than 60,000 people a year. Full of touchable specimens and hands-on activities, the Discovery Room also houses interesting live animals from both around the world and right in your own backyard — an African lungfish that breathes air, endangered poison dart frogs from South America, a giant African millipede, bearded dragons from Australia, and a harmless eastern milk snake from New England. The Yale Peabody Museum’s Discovery Room is a chance for families, and especially children ages 3 and up to explore the Museum’s collections.
The Staff here was really friendly and helpful not only during our time in the museum but in helping us to find a place to eat afterwards the not only had suggestions but a map with local restaurants. The museum is right sized for little ones with just enough to keep them intrigued and stimulated but small enough to cover in 4 or so hours.
Tomorrow I will talk about our Experience at Dinosaur State Park a truly unique stop.
If you have been to either of these locations or have some other favorites please share your experience in our comments section or Join the kidzense group and to post your story or start a discussion

Unbelieva-Bills - Bring a Friend for FREE Tuesdays!

Come to Unbelieva-Bills and Beat the Heat with These Cool Summer Specials
Bring a Friend for FREE Tuesdays!
Pay for one child and get an equal valued admission for the second child FREE!
And don't forget Family Friday Nights where the Kingdom, Games and a Movie is only $10 per child from 6:30 PM-8 PM.

Kingdom: $6 (plus tax)
Kingdom and Games: $14.95 (plus tax)
Kingdom, Games and 10 minutes of Lazer Tag: $19.95 (plus tax) SUMMER HOURS
Sat.-Thurs.: 10am-4pm
Friday: 10am-8pm
Unbelieva-Bills 140 Hopper Ave.
Waldwick, NJ 07463


Weekend Planner Aug. 8-10

This weekend is going to be nice but Saturday seems to be the better of the two with Sunday Afternoon having a chance of Thunderstorms.
I have a mix of outdoor and indoor activities also checkout some Activities that have been listed before. since I am back from the Dino Dig I decided to find some places in NJ that you can dig for Fossils.
I will start with that.

Big Brook Preserve in Colts Neck NJ: Big Brook is one of the few sites on the East Coast where fossils may be readily found. The area is noted for a variety of sharks teeth and other marine specimens.
Shark River in Monmouth Co NJ: The stream cuts through sediments that were deposited during the Late Eocene and Middle Miocene.

Ramanessin Brook NJ: A Cretaceous period stream bed where many shark and fish teeth can be found. With hip waders, shovels, and screens members enjoy collecting dinosaur era fossils

Fort Lee Feast of San Rocco: Rides, Games, Music, and Zeppoles right off of Main Street by the GWB

International Yo-Yo Open and New York State Yo-Yo Contest: In addition to watching head-spinning yo-yo tricks and the crowning of this year's New York State and International Open yo-yo champions, visitors can check out live music, DJs, breakdancers, jugglers, and spin-top and diabolo performers, and mini-contests and giveaways -- as well as try out the best in yo-yo equipment for beginners and experts. FREE to the public!

New York Zoos There are a number of great zoos and aquariums in Manhattan and the 5 Boroughs
Luau Weekend, New Jersey Children’s Museum,
599 Valley Health Plaza, Paramus, (201)262-5151,
Do the Limbo and learn to Hula make your own lei in a craft workshop

The Perseid Meteor Shower is best about Aug. 10-12.
The Perseids are expected to reach their maximum on Aug. 12.
The exact time of maximum should be about 7 a.m. EDT on Aug. 12, according to Margaret Campbell-Brown and Peter Brown in the 2008 Observer's Handbook of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.
If so, the timing is very good for meteor watchers observing before dawn in North America, especially in the western states. And that morning, the waxing gibbous moon sets around 1:30 a.m. local daylight-saving time, leaving a dark sky for the next 3 hours.

10 Ways to save Money

10. Read websites that have timely tips and coupons for saving money like

9. Shop for food after planning a menu. You should not go into a store without a strong idea of what you will be buying while in there. (Never go into the grocery when you are hungry) Make a plan of what you’ll buy before you go, then stick to it. Don’t put anything in the cart that’s not on the list, no matter how tempting, and you’ll come out of the store saving a bundle.

8. Cut-Coupons and use circulars. You will save a lot by implementing tips 9 and 8.
I have seen our weekly grocery bill cut almost in half.

7. Drive conservatively - Change your driving style by driving a little slower and avoiding rabbit starts. You will see a marked improvement in fuel consumption. In doing this and some coasting on the declines I have been able to stretch a tank a gas to last the week where I used to have to fill up almost 2 times in a week

6. Commute to work by Bike, carpool, or work from home 1 day a week. Save gas, do something good for the environment and yourself either Physically or socially. Google maps now has an option for Directions to set to walk this should provide a bike friendly route to your destination.

5. Cutout Extras or make them a special treat and not a daily indulgence. A specialty coffee can cost close to $5.00 that can quickly add up.

4. Brown bag your lunch - Pack you lunch and you will save money especially if you pack leftovers, not to mention you will probably eat healthier since you will have more control over what is available.

3. Get your books,DVD's, and CD's from the library. Free is better Our local Library has a great selection and the trip has become one of our weekly outings that we look forward to.

2. Take advantage of employer 401(k) matches. If your employer matches 401(k) contributions, do everything you can to take full advantage of that match. Use flexible spending accounts. FSAs allow you to pay certain medical, dental and child care expenses using pre-tax dollars. If your not taking advantage of these accounts, you’re wasting money.

1. Donate to charity - Either Time or Money (Not necessarily a money saving tip) It is always good to recognize that somewhere, somebody is not as well off as you are. Perspective is everything and many charitable donations are tax deductible. So Donate it is good for the world around you and your Karma.
More tips:

Dinosaur Dig - Final Thoughts

When I was graduating high school people would write a bunch of phrases that summed up our time together in each others yearbook.
I thought that would be a good way to end this series hopefully it is not too esoteric.

“Look a Rainbow”, Bald eagle sightings, “People on boats always seem to wave’, “Is this Rock”, “Derek here is your ipod back”, “Is this Bone”, Car ride chat’s, the leaning Shacks, “What camera do you have?” Rhubarb Crumble. End of the Day Beer
“Bert – He has had a lot of jobs”, “What’s in the beer…Is that trail Mix”, Pear Pilsner, Trail mix Lager. Who wants Coffee, Tim Horton’s , "There not munchkins there Tim Bits", "Damn!..Can I have the Vinac", Lunch time. “When you get a chance can you map this”, “Stomp!” Bill Cosby Impressions, “Dino Bots move out”.

Thanks to Phillip, Eva, Michael, Derek, Robin, Steve, Bill, Jerry, TJ, and everyone else for a Great and memorable time.

Dinosaur Dig

Dinosaur Dig - Day 6 (Final Dig Day)

Today we started out the day at Pipestone creek dig site this was the coldest day so far with the temperature around the mid 50’s. There was a Canadian morning news show on site they were interviewing Dr. Currie and some other folks involved with the Pipestone Creek dinosaur Museum. Today the Site consists of a visitors center where there are some bones on display, and a complete Pachyrhinosaurus. The Pipestone Creek bone bed is where Dr. Currie and his team excavated some 20 or so Pachyrhinosaurus specimens from these bones they were able to piece together complete models of the dinosaur.
The plan is to build a museum on this site there is a trail with dinosaur markers that lead the way to a dry river bed we follow that till wee get to the bone bed. The TV crew conducts some interviews while we look around for surface fossils. Jerry finds one pretty quick it is a vertebra. Jerry has gotten really good at identifying bone and has made some excellent finds on the dig. He is a really nice guy and has given me some Canadian money to bring back home for my daughter as a souvenir. After Pipestone Creek we set out back to the Wapiti Site. We have brought some guest with us. The owners of property by the Red Willow River site. They have a history with Dr. Currie and used to bring lemonade and treats down to the dig team, and have hosted BBQ’s for them in the past they will have one tomorrow night unfortunately this is my last day here so I will miss it.
They come to the site with their two daughters the youngest who I would guess was around 11 or 12 deftly makes her way down the hillside. We get to the site close to 12:00 so we setup and then break for lunch. After lunch I set out down the hillside below the bone bed to retrieve my bone that fell the other day. Michael belays me down the hillside I find the bone still wrapped and undamaged close to the bottom of the hill. The climb is a fun diversion that warms me up. A little while later Bert shows up on a jet boat with some folks from the Company that has donated the money that will be used to hire the helicopter. They look around check out the site and chat with each of us to see what we are uncovering then make their way back down to the river where the look for surface fossils. I am digging in the mud AKA Wapati Gumbo it is slow process each piece must be rinsed and inspected to determine if it rock or bone. I spend most of the afternoon just finding rock and some small fragments. Then close to cleanup I find two specimens that are collected one that is in a concretion and looks like it might be a limb end. The other is a tiny tail bone from a juvenile; Derek seems rather excited about this one. There are some clouds moving in and it starts to rain although the sky looks pretty ominous it is just a passing shower Nonetheless we do some final mapping and I cleanup it is almost 5:00 and I want to have everything either collected or cleared out for the next person.
Tonight for Dinner we are having a BBQ. Bert who seems to be an avid hunter has brought us some Moose steaks and Venison petite filets that he has hunted and prepared.
Eva has made a broccoli and cheddar quiche afterward we have ice cream and some more Rhubarb crumble. I am sitting at the table with Dr. Currie and I fire off a bunch of questions about Paleontology, Evolution, and Site excavation. Philip, Eva, Michael, Derek, and Robin have all provided us with a great learning experience the team has been generous with information and very gracious hosts.

Dinosaur Dig

Philip and Eva have books about dinosaurs that are great for Kids and Adults alike these can be found at:

Dinosaur Dig - Day 5

Red Willow River Dig Site

Today the weather was really great it started out a little cool but warmed up nice by lunch. On the way to our Usual dig Site we stopped at another Dig site on the Red Willow River. This is where Dr Currie and his team had excavated a Juvenile Hadrosaur.
Afterwards we went to our usual site on the Wapiti River and continued to dig in our areas. Today I found quite few Fossils that were tagged and collected. I finished excavating large pieces of bone that may be a part of the Pachyrhinosaurus leg. I also uncovered some bone in a concretion that may be a skull or limb end. Michael finished preparations on the Skull and Robin has uncovered an area with about 8 or so large bone pieces. She has been a big help since Bill left, answering my reoccurring question "is this bone or rock" helping me to uncover bones, and glue bones that have broken. Jerry has found 2 tyrannosaur teeth and a large section of rib that we casted today along with the Parietal bone that Dr. Currie has been excavating and my section of leg bone. While taping down the underside of the cast later and adding 2 bone fragments that may be part of the leg section.
In the afternoon we get a visit from Bert and Kat who drop off the net for the helicopter pickup and take pictures of the crew.
During Cleanup I accidentally lost a piece of bone it fell downthe hillside. Fortunately it is wrapped in paper towel and duct tape so I should be able to retrieve it tomorrow.

It is a little after 5:00 so we hike out of the valley back to the cars and drive back to the dorms. During the ride we are listening to classic Jazz on sirius radio interspersed with some conversation I am tireed and fall asleep listening to Coltrane play My Favorite Things. For dinner we have soft tacos (one of my favorites) and rhubarb crumble for desert
Eva gave a talk tonight on palynology and what she has researched at the Canadian dig sites. While listening to the talk and presentation I realize there are other things in the rock to look for such as plant fossils and organic matter a whole other but very related discipline. After the talk Jerry and I go with the students to check out the Pachyrhinosarus on display at the College. While looking at the model you can see the bones that we have been collecting and where they might fit in the dinosaur it helps to see a completed model of what we have been collecting in bits and pieces. Tomorrow is my last day of digging we are going to visit the Pipestone Creek dig site before going to the Wapiti Location. So much to see in do in a short time this has been a great learning experience I will miss doing it. It has been hard work but very enjoyable at the same time.

Dinosaur Dig