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Dinosaur Dig - Day 5

Red Willow River Dig Site

Today the weather was really great it started out a little cool but warmed up nice by lunch. On the way to our Usual dig Site we stopped at another Dig site on the Red Willow River. This is where Dr Currie and his team had excavated a Juvenile Hadrosaur.
Afterwards we went to our usual site on the Wapiti River and continued to dig in our areas. Today I found quite few Fossils that were tagged and collected. I finished excavating large pieces of bone that may be a part of the Pachyrhinosaurus leg. I also uncovered some bone in a concretion that may be a skull or limb end. Michael finished preparations on the Skull and Robin has uncovered an area with about 8 or so large bone pieces. She has been a big help since Bill left, answering my reoccurring question "is this bone or rock" helping me to uncover bones, and glue bones that have broken. Jerry has found 2 tyrannosaur teeth and a large section of rib that we casted today along with the Parietal bone that Dr. Currie has been excavating and my section of leg bone. While taping down the underside of the cast later and adding 2 bone fragments that may be part of the leg section.
In the afternoon we get a visit from Bert and Kat who drop off the net for the helicopter pickup and take pictures of the crew.
During Cleanup I accidentally lost a piece of bone it fell downthe hillside. Fortunately it is wrapped in paper towel and duct tape so I should be able to retrieve it tomorrow.

It is a little after 5:00 so we hike out of the valley back to the cars and drive back to the dorms. During the ride we are listening to classic Jazz on sirius radio interspersed with some conversation I am tireed and fall asleep listening to Coltrane play My Favorite Things. For dinner we have soft tacos (one of my favorites) and rhubarb crumble for desert
Eva gave a talk tonight on palynology and what she has researched at the Canadian dig sites. While listening to the talk and presentation I realize there are other things in the rock to look for such as plant fossils and organic matter a whole other but very related discipline. After the talk Jerry and I go with the students to check out the Pachyrhinosarus on display at the College. While looking at the model you can see the bones that we have been collecting and where they might fit in the dinosaur it helps to see a completed model of what we have been collecting in bits and pieces. Tomorrow is my last day of digging we are going to visit the Pipestone Creek dig site before going to the Wapiti Location. So much to see in do in a short time this has been a great learning experience I will miss doing it. It has been hard work but very enjoyable at the same time.

Dinosaur Dig

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