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Dino Weekend in Connecticut

If you are looking a close Educational and Fun getaway that is a little different than the NYC Museums a short trip up I-95 may have what you are looking for. Sure these destinations have Dinosaur bones and other standard museum exhibits, but what differentiates them is the level of interactivity. Our first stop was the Peabody Museum in New Haven on the Yale University Campus. This museum is marked by the Bronze Torosaurus perched high above on a pedestal in front of the museum. After you enter the museum thru the Gothic style entrance You will find the dinosaur exhibit in a hall to the right. Before you enter the Dinosaur hall you will pass thru an interactive geological exhibit with Volcano, space, and cave Spelunking exhibits. The Dinosaur Hall has the complete Skeletons of over 10 Dinosaurs and a display with a succession of the horned dinosaur skulls. There is a small trackway of footprints, A T-Rex and Albertasaurus Skull and a Mural of Dinosaurs throughout the different time periods.

On the 2nd floor there is the Discovery Room which is one of the most popular destinations at the Yale Peabody Museum, visited by more than 60,000 people a year. Full of touchable specimens and hands-on activities, the Discovery Room also houses interesting live animals from both around the world and right in your own backyard — an African lungfish that breathes air, endangered poison dart frogs from South America, a giant African millipede, bearded dragons from Australia, and a harmless eastern milk snake from New England. The Yale Peabody Museum’s Discovery Room is a chance for families, and especially children ages 3 and up to explore the Museum’s collections.
The Staff here was really friendly and helpful not only during our time in the museum but in helping us to find a place to eat afterwards the not only had suggestions but a map with local restaurants. The museum is right sized for little ones with just enough to keep them intrigued and stimulated but small enough to cover in 4 or so hours.
Tomorrow I will talk about our Experience at Dinosaur State Park a truly unique stop.
If you have been to either of these locations or have some other favorites please share your experience in our comments section or Join the kidzense group and to post your story or start a discussion

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