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I Picked a Fight with Lance Armstrong

It was in Montgomery County on Sunday August 24th 2008 and together with other riders, runners, walkers, volunteers , and donators we raised nearly $3 million dollars for the 12 million Americans living with cancer today.

In the words of Lance
Cancer is defiant. So we're going to defy it. It's persistent. So we have to persevere. It's discouraging. So we must have courage. We are the LIVESTRONG Challenge - uniting people to pick a fight with cancer.

The Livestrong Challenge is one of the best organized events I have ever been a part of.
On Saturday afternoon I picked up my registration pack and visited the expo center were I filled out the cards that I would pin to my Jersey the next day during my ride.

This is always a moving experience as I do not generally spend time thinking of how Cancer has affected me. While I have been fortunate not to have been diagnosed with Cancer, It has taken away my Aunt, Grand Father, and few friends during this time I am saddened that they are no longer here but I am also inspired to do the ride and raise even more money for LAF.

After I left the indoor Expo center I took a Trek Remedy for a test ride
On Saturday we got our bike jerseys and later met for Dinner at the Iron Hill Brewery a great place to eat and drink.

The Livestrong Challenge provides riders with an exceptional route that is clearly marked. Police and/or course marshalls are at almost every turn, Rest stops are every 10 miles and compete for your vote to be nominated the best rest stop. Roving Sag and Maintenance vehicles were visible throughout the ride.

As for the ride this year it was more difficult for me than last year.
(My riding this year has been erratic at best Having weeks with 150+ miles comprised of structured rides and endurance miles followed by weeks where I am lucky to ride to the corner store.)
I found myself struggling to keep any kind of a pace on the climbs (In the past I would welcome the climbs and power or spin up them) This year I was standing on the pedals in the smallest gear I had slowly making my way up. On some of the climbs I was able to find my old (or should I say younger) self. I also found inspiration in a Poster that was in the expo center. It had a quote from Lance that said "Pain is Temporary If I quit however, it will last forever" I was able to dig deep during the last 15 miles trying to finish in 6 hours I pushed the pace to 20 mph finding other riders to pace line with and leapfrog between when I finished I was spent I went to my car and laid down for a while with a cold water. Afterwards I got changed and met with some of the team members at the Beer Garden Yes there is a Beer Garden along with a great post ride meal that is nothing short of a feast with Pizza from Pizza Hut, Pasta, Salads, and a Variety of Hoagies;Subs;Po-boys or whatever they call them where you are from.

Team Charlie's Buds Which was started In Memory and Honor of Charlie Yates had 39 members and beat it's Fundraising Goal of 15K by raising over 23 thousand Dollars this year

I would like to thank those who Donated:
Carolyn Pullman, Diane Haser, Elissa Nelson, Karen Williams, Mark Sganga, Susan Williams Tim McConville , and Trish Williams, BP for their Sponsorship, and our Team Captain Ian Fisher for keeping us motivated and informed.

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