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Dinosaur Dig - Final Thoughts

When I was graduating high school people would write a bunch of phrases that summed up our time together in each others yearbook.
I thought that would be a good way to end this series hopefully it is not too esoteric.

“Look a Rainbow”, Bald eagle sightings, “People on boats always seem to wave’, “Is this Rock”, “Derek here is your ipod back”, “Is this Bone”, Car ride chat’s, the leaning Shacks, “What camera do you have?” Rhubarb Crumble. End of the Day Beer
“Bert – He has had a lot of jobs”, “What’s in the beer…Is that trail Mix”, Pear Pilsner, Trail mix Lager. Who wants Coffee, Tim Horton’s , "There not munchkins there Tim Bits", "Damn!..Can I have the Vinac", Lunch time. “When you get a chance can you map this”, “Stomp!” Bill Cosby Impressions, “Dino Bots move out”.

Thanks to Phillip, Eva, Michael, Derek, Robin, Steve, Bill, Jerry, TJ, and everyone else for a Great and memorable time.

Dinosaur Dig


Anonymous said...

Random Notes:
I'm sorry, Tim Bits make it sound to much like Monty Pythons Naughty Bits, I couldn't eat them with a staight face...

The tag line for that paper towel commercial should be:


Ya see? That's why they originally called it a Web Log...Good job Mike, interesting, not too esoteric, now if I could only get my daughter up there she could find out if she REALLY wants to be a paleantologist....

Been trying to post this for 1/2 an hour, lemme try a. nony mous AKA Bill

Anonymous said...

We finished everything in the bonebed on Wednesday and the helicopter lift went well. Thursday morning we drove back to Edmonton where we spend the afternoon unpacking and cleaning up the trucks.
All the best,
Eva and Philip

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