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Dinosaur Dig - Day 4

No rain today but it was much cooler and windy which can be a little scary when a gust hits you while you are walking on the edge of the bone bed above a pretty steep and very long drop down to the bottom of the Valley. We drove out to the site in one truck today Since 2 members have left: Bill and TJ (TJ had something come up where he needed to leave) and Eva stayed behind to run some errands and do some other work. The ride out was much quieter and I missed our morning conversation. As I have said before Eva is really nice and is great engaging everyone in conversation. Today was really productive I found numerous fragments and four items were collected.
After Lunch Jerry and I helped place a cast, called a jacket on the skull of the Pachyrhinosaurs. First we wrapped the skull in wet paper towels. (I make a joke about how they should get sponsorship from Bounty - Something like: Bounty preferred by Palaeontologists worldwide) after that we mix a batch of plaster of paris then we dip strips of burlap into the plaster and wrap the skull with the plaster soaked burlap. This Jacket will protect the Skull when it is transported by helicopter out of the valley. The ride home is pretty quiet except for some music provided by Robin's ipod so I get a few much needed Z's.

Eva made dinner tonight we had pork tenderloin, basmati rice, and salad. all of the meals have been really enjoyable. for Breakfast we usually have cereal or oatmeal, for lunch we bring sandwiches, snacks, and some fruit. When we stop for lunch I eat and talk a little bit with whoever is working by area; today it is Robin, but mostly I take in breathtaking scenery of the Valley.
After dinner the students (Robin, Michael, and Derek) gave talks about there Masters Projects.

Robin and Michael are both doing projects on Ankylosaurs and Derek Project is on microsites (Sites that consist of small fragments) Their presentations are informative and provide a little more insight into what palaeontologist do with the bones they find and the questions they are trying to find answers to.

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