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Going on a Dinosaur Dig

I have been fortunate enough to have the rare opportunity to work side-by-side with palaeontologists on a working dig. This initiative is part of the University of Alberta dinosaur research programme and accredited field school, supported by BP sponsorship. One of my co-workers just got back from their dig and I am now getting excited as my date approaches.
I will be near Grand Prairie Canada digging at a site where a Pachyrhinosaurus bonebed has been found and where bones of a new species of this horned dinosaur can be collected.
Each day will include a hike in and out of the dig site, prospecting for new skeletons and
participating in digs at the dinosaur site. The Grande Prairie site involves some heights.
I will be working with staff and students from the University of Alberta, including Dr. Philip
, an international expert on theropod and feathered dinosaurs.
Since No children under 18 years are permitted to take part in the dig my little one will have to experience this 2nd hand. She has been disappointed that I am going to dig for dinosaurs without her so we did our own dino dig at the local sandbox. We went down with our I Dig Dinosaur Kit a few paintbrushes and a shovel to dig up the sand and bury the bones. We uncovered 2 dinosaurs a T-Rex and Triceratops. After finding all the pieces we assembled them. Our Dino-dig may not have been at some remote location but it was great fun and not as easy as I thought. (there was one piece that I was looking for for quite a while but finally found it)

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