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Dinosaur Dig - Day 3

Today was a little rainy and colder it is Bill's last day with us on the dig site he will be driving back home to Idaho stopping at some of the Dinosaur museums in Canada and Montana along the way. Today's digging did not yield to much for me just some fragments that were mapped and discarded however at the end of the day I came across a big mass of bone which I will start to uncover tomorrow.

Jerry uncovered a large rib today which will be collected and the team is making preparations to have four large Pachyarhinosaurus skulls airlifted out by helicopter they will weigh in total over 1500 lbs. I am learning more each day about how to dig and so much about the Dinosaurs of Canada.

Dr. Currie has given a talk tonight and even though an announcement about the talk went out only a short time ago the auditorium is almost full.
The talk is about the Dinosaurs of Canada, where they are found, and the museums that have them on exhibit. Digging for bones seems to be a local pastime in Grand Prairie with a lot of amateur paleontologists one man as come with an articulated vertebra but upon closer examination it appears that this is a mummified specimen showing the pattern of the skin.

Afterward most of the group goes to look at the Pachyrhinosaurs Skeleton on display at the college. I have gone back to go to my room but instead stop in and visit Eva we have a cup a tea and a nice chat she is very nice and a palaeobotanist. Eva will give a talk on Thursday evening.
After a while every one comes back and they are excited about the mummified Specimen.

Dinosaur Dig

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