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Review of Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for DogsTonight I went to the theatre to see Hotel for Dogs with my daughter and niece, both 4. They really enjoyed it. I found it okay but a little sappy and predictable.
Synopsis: The story tells the story of a brother and sister who live with various foster parents being shuffled from home to home but never having a family. Their situation drawing parallels to the stray dogs they take in. The Hotel for Dogs is a safe haven for all the strays in the city who would otherwise be taken to the pound. The Hotel is ingenious with Bruce the young brother creating a series of inventions to automate taking care of the hotel guests.

Hotel for DogsThere is a bit of toilet humor but humor nonetheless. There is a part of the movie where the dogs are scheduled to be euthanized and this created some anxiety for my daughter and niece. There is also some teen and canine romance (not teens with canines). The movie's ending is somewhat predictable.

Bottom Line: The dogs are the stars the movie has enough laughs to make it enjoyable but the dialog and story is weak.

Caution: Viewing this movie with your children will most likely result in them asking for a dog if you do not have one already.

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Michel said...

Hey! even i too watched the movie.... it was super, i like it very much.
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