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Tips for Saving Money

Looking for SavingsI previously posted an article Five sites that will save you money.

These sites (especially Money Saving Mom) Do more than provide tips and coupons they inspire and empower you to get what you need at the best price.

The other day at our local supermarket I was able to buy food for the entire week for $61 the original price before coupons and card was over $81.

If your thinking I purchased a bunch of no-frills products and spent hours cutting coupons think again.

Before going to the store I jotted down what I needed, then I reviewed the stores weekly circular and went through the coupon section of the Sunday paper.
All of this took about 10 minutes.
Ten Minutes to Save over twenty dollars (not a bad trade-off)

Next Steps:
Were you recently able to get some great deals and save some money please share your experience with us.

Please checkout our list of Money Saving websites and If you have a website that you want to share please add it in our comments section

Thank You


fluoxetine said...

Great sites! I'll be sure to keep this stuff in mind when I'm feeling less than generous with myself.

Michael said...

It's a great feeling feeling when you get a deal on something. Thanks for commenting and let me know how you do on your future saving spree

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