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Ten Tips to make your Day out more special

A Day at the Bronx ZooPlanning a special day out? Here are a few lessons I gleaned from a recent trip to the Bronx Zoo.

Visit the web - The Internet is a great resource for finding information but often we just perform a cursory perusal of the site (Hours, Directions, and overview of attractions).
By digging a little deaper you can find information to make your day more enjoyable and in a many cases find ways to save $$$ on your day out.

Some additional things to look for when visiting an attractions website are: Special Deals (AAA, Affiliates, Credit Cards offers, and Entertainment books)

The Bronx Zoo also has Donation days where you pay what you wish for general admission

Pre-purchase tickets - Some offers are only good for online purchases. And by purchasing and printing tickets ahead of time you can walk right in and avoid lines at the ticket window.

Plan your Day - You get to the Zoo and the kids want to see the Monkeys, Tigers, Lions, and take a ride on a camel. You can either bounce around from attraction to attraction or have a plan.

Trust me without a plan you will be carrying around your toddler for much of the day. (Even forty pounds can get heavy after a while). By making a plan you will be able to see all your desired attractions without taxing your child's physical limitations.

Plan Breaks-
The Zoo can be overstimulating at times and being on your feet all day can be tiring. Plan where you will have snack breaks, Lunch, and other rides that can take your off your feet. Take a 10-15 minute break off your feet for every hour you have been walking.

Bring your own food - By bringing lunch, drinks, and snacks not only will you will save money and be able to quell any hunger pangs without having to wait in lines for food. PB&J will keep without a cold pack keeping you backpack a little lighter.

Bring extra clothes - Have a change of clothes in case of an accident.

Bring Wipes and antiseptic gel - Having stuff on hand to clean up with is always a good idea especially at the Zoo.

Bring a Camera-Make sure you bring a camera to capture your special day.

Check ahead - Our day at the Zoo seemed like it was Camp day. We counted thirty different Groups there that day. Get stuck behind them a be caught in the wave of kids without parental supervision can definitely put a damper on your day. So check ahead to see if there are any group or special events on the day you are planning to visit.

All and all we had a good time, but on our next trip I will definitely follow all of these tips instead of just a few.

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