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Going to the Circus

The Circus is in town The Greatest Show on Earth Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey's
I was 5 when I went to this circus and I still remember it pretty vividly. The Metal Sphere with a motor cycle riding inside the Tigers and Elephants, and of course the trapeze. It was a very memorable and fun day. Now I am planning on taking my daughter So I decided to see if there were some activities we could do to get psyched up for our Day at the circus.
Here are some things I found: - You can put these crafts together anytime. Some possible times to do them is before or after a trip to the real circus or for a birthday party with a circus theme. - Some Songs and Activities to do related to the Circus.

Birju goes to the Circus - Story about the Circus in which you can make up your own ending and read other submitted endings.
Books at Amazon - Childrens books about the Circus - More for the parent but interesting

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