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Happy Easter

Easter has come and gone. It was a good one, one where I am starting to see my own small families traditions being formed. My wife's family always makes Chinese food for this holiday. The past few years I have gotten homemade chocolate from a woman at work who donates the proceeds to charity. We dye Easter eggs - This year was particularly fun as my daughter was very much into decorating the eggs and letting her creativity come out. We have done an Egg/Gift hunt every Easter morning and have Easter baskets with fake plastic grass and plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. We read stories about the Easter Bunny and spring. Pretty secular stuff we have not introduced religion to my daughter yet probably because my wife and I do not have a Strong opinion one way or the other. One thing that we have always done is watch the It's The Easter Beagle Charlie Brown. (The Peanuts seem to be a part of all our holiday traditions). I especially like the scene were Snoopy looks inside an egg then jumps inside the scene and dances with the bunnies (He just seems to be having so much fun). Happy Easter!!!

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Anonymous said...

bunnies made of chocolate! eggs made of jelly, beagles having lots of fun, Easter is surely (stop calling me shirley) a great holiday for all. Spring is on it's way, and we have summer to look forward to!

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