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A friend at work gave me a Melodies-about-me CD for my daughter. I was very touched and was excited to bring it home and let z-girl give it a listen. When I told her I had a CD that was made just for her she had a less than excited response but when the 1st song came on and she heard her name in it I could see it sparked some interest. We listened to the rest of the CD while we did some activity like drawing or playing a game or puzzle but at some point (I think it was Shakado) she got up from what we were doing and started dancing. Five of the nine songs are up-beat and lively. The lyrics for all songs are unabashedly age appropriate (2-6) with catchy melodies that are refreshingly missing the trendy tween pop style of much of the kids targeted music that is put out today. This definitely makes a nice gift item. The Creators target market is grandparents and at $18 for 9 songs with your little ones name It is priced fairly.

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