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Kung Foo Panda - Review

Kung Foo Panda - I had read mixed reviews of this movie but after seeing it with my 4 year old this weekend we give it 2 thumbs up. We (and by we I mean the audience in the theatre) Laughed at all the intended spots. The fight scenes were exciting and choreographed as well as any Kung foo movie but tempered with humor and cartoon like sensibility (i.e. Looney Tunes) The scenery for the movie sets a beautiful artistic backdrop for the action in it's creation of The Valley of Peace, the ancient Jade Palace towering overhead, The Peach tree on the cliffs edge with its Blowing Blossom petals and the imposing Chor Ghom prison that holds Tai Lung (The Movies Villain) The Movie is rated PG but except for one or 2 segments (The word Suck is used and some of the fight scenes are violent at times) I think it could have a G rating

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