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Wall * E a review

Wall*E is a funny and touching film with a message to deliver. Wall-e takes some of his design queues from Johhny 5 and ET (The flower from E.T. is replaced with a plant) Wall-e has an endearing personality that is unique to this character and makes him a hit with the audience (young and old). Wall-e's Job (Directive) is to clean up earth's trash that we left behind while we float around in space for 700 hundred years, all the while consuming more, moving less, and expanding our waistlines while waiting for the earth to be made inhabitable again. Wall-e spends his days cleaning our world by gathering and stacking up trash cubes into creations that model the sky scrapers around him. Wall-e passes his idle time watching movies and listening to music on his ipod excellent product placement for apple. (The lack of soft drink placement is refreshing) and building his collection of various human objects (much like Ariel in The Little Mermaid)
All of this changes When Eva comes to earth her directive is to find a plant (proof of Photosynthesis and Life on Earth). Wall-e falls in love with Eva who is not easily wooed by Wall-e and almost blasts him away. Soon though Wall-e's charm captures her heart (or microprocessors as the case may be) and as the movie progresses she finds herself falling deeper for Wall-e.
Wall-e goes back with Eva to the Axiom (Mother Ship) and there the adventure begins. Battling robots who do not want to go to earth and waking the humans from their half asleep state.
Both me and my 4 year old enjoyed Wall-e but the movie may be a little long for smaller children and there is a few moments of peril for Wall-e and Eva. This is a sweet movie that touches the heart. It also subtly and effectively delivers it's message that was made clear as we were leaving the theater and placed our box of garbage into the overflowing trash bins at the theatre exit.

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