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About a week or so ago I posted a mock Job offer for a Mom or Dad. During that same time frame Ross from Will it change you posted an article asking the question Is Parenting Worth it.
My Answer was obviously yes and every day I am reminded of why. From a hug or some kind gesture to giving me a toy to take to work with me my daughter is a bright spot in my life.
She has reminded me to take time to laugh and play everyday .
In the Book You are what you think Author David Stoop states that there are 3 basic emotions: Love, Fear, and anger. These emotions are like primary colors with various blendings creating a complete palette. An example of this would be that you yell at your child because they are doing something that puts them in danger. You are yelling because you love them and don't want them to get hurt, Fearful that something really bad could happen, and angry that they are putting a pencil up their nose after you have told them not to 1,000 times before.
I try my best to operate with the emotion of Love (not always easy) but in the above example if you can catch yourself before you speak or yell you can remove the pencil in a gentle way and let them know that you are taking the pencil away because you do not want them to injure themselves and that putting a pencil up their nose is not a good health choice. Let them know that they can have a pencil again but for now we are going to do something else.
Some other ways I try to act out of Love is by letting my Daughter know that I Love her and think she is special This is a nice thing to do at the end of the day as she is winding down for bed. By verbalizing how you appreciate your child it lets them know that you appreciate and value the time you spend with them and recognize their achievements.
Be a compassionate observer - Try not to be judgemental or speak with a condescending or angry tone. Try to see a situation from your child's perspective.

Please feel free to share What parenting has been like for you and any joys or challenges you have faced and/or overcome I would love to hear about them - Thanks, Mike

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, thanks for the post link! Acting in love is easier said than done sometimes, I agree! With practise it gets better, but I still find myself slipping sometimes and having to remind myself to calm down and approach the situation differently. Obviously this is dependent on so many factors like the particular situation, age of child etc... All the best!

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