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Ariel Halloween Costume
When it comes to getting a great deal on a Halloween costumes it is no different than any other purchase you have to do your research. Lucky you I have done it for you. Over the past week I have visited countless websites and stores searching for the best price, quality costume, and in-store experience.

Make your own: This can be a fun endeavour or turn out "disastrous" depending on what your child wants to be and your talents at sewing and arts and crafts. My grandmother used to make us great costumes she was a very resourceful and a great seamstress. She made at least 3 of my costumes (A clown, Dracula, and Luke Skywalker) sorry no pictures. Your Costumes do not need to be elaborate and you can use items around the house to put something together that looks great Some Ideas are: Charlie Brown A yellow T Shirt that you draw the Zig-Zag Thing with a black marker, shorts, Brown Shoes and a Snoopy Stuffed animal (Bag of rocks optional) You can also do the Charlie Brown Halloween Costume get a white Sheet and Cut the Holes for the Eyes then draw some holes or Glue Black Felt Ovals and Circles on it.

Buy Online at Discount retailers: - Discounted Costumes and Party Supplies
Shop online and enter keycode WC97382 during checkout to get free standard shipping on your purchase of $49 or more, within the contiguous U.S.

Here is how the online stores stacked up on the
Official Disney version of Ariel the Little Mermaid Costume for a child:
$15.00 (not available in Stores online only) + .97 shipping - $33.95
$ 38.99 (Other Versions were between 14 and 21) - $38.99 - $44.99
(Buy one get the 2nd ½ off) They Did not Have the Disney Version

Brick and Mortar Stores:
Advantage here is you get to try it on for fit and make sure its comfortable and safe (no scratchy fabrics, things to trip over, or obstructions to vision)

Party City - There is a $5.00 of 25 coupon for Party city in Parent Guide News (Paper Copy Only) I was able to get a version of the Ariel costume for $13.00 there accessories (shoes and tiara were 10 each) When I got it home to try on my daughter it was too small and the fabric was scratchy. Party City had an efficient and helpful Sales Staff but the store was extreamly crowded(They are also good about returns just save your receipt I got my money back no questions asked).

We then went to the Disney Store they were having 25% of many costumes and we got a really good quality costume that looks great and is comfortable for 30.00 The Shoes were $10 but a better fit and safer than the version we got at party city. Nice Store Lots of cool stuff and Nice Cashier on-floor help was okay.

I hope this comparison has provided some helpful information on how prices stack up and some options for costumes. To wrap up Wal-mart had the best price. If you are motivated and talented a homemade costume can be the route to go and The Disney Store came in tops for us in quality and price balance (they also have 50% off on select Halloween items)

Happy Halloween!

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