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The Best way to Find a Babysitter

Find a Babysitter or Nanny

Finding the right babysitter or Nanny for your Child can be a daunting experience, After all you are entrusting the care and well being of your child with someone else (you need to get it right).
If relatives such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles are available, willing, and competent then they are one of your best options.

Trusted friends, especially those with children of their own that are at a similar age as your child can also be a good option. You can swap sitting time and your child can have a play date. Even with Family and friends you will want to be sure that they are caring for your child as you would. Clear communication is key in letting them know up front how you do things and what your expectations are.

One method that we used to assist in the vetting process was to have our prospective babysitter watch our daughter with us present.
This enabled the babysitter to develop an understanding of our expectations, and a feel for our parenting style while providing our daughter with the time to be become comfortable with someone new. It enabled us to conduct a more extensive and relevant interview.
This process would be carried out over five 1-2 hour sessions in which we would pay the babysitter. The sessions would vary with earlier sessions being in home with both of us present. Other sessions were outside the home at various locations such as the playground, library, and the local strip mall. (These subsequent sessions were conducted with one parent present.)
During these engagements we would have the babysitter be responsible for an increasing amount of the child care until we were sure that the babysitter was the correct choice.
We have been fortunate with our babysitters. Two of them have held long terms positions with us. They have become a part of our family. Our daughter is happy and even excited to see them is at ease whenever she is left with either one.

Over the next few weeks I am will be running a series of articles on: Online Babysitter Services that assist families with finding Babysitters and Nannies. Tips for Conducting Online Background checks, Tips for interviewing a babysitter, Checklist and rules.

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