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A review of Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

Review of Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

We went to see Madagascar Escape 2 Africa tonight.
The movie opens with Alex as a young lion cub. He is abducted by poachers and his Dad Zuba tries to save him but the Crate young Alex is in floats away, all the way to NYC where Alex becomes the charismatic Lion we know from the first Madagascar. The story then moves to Madagascar where the first movie ended. The crew is ready for takeoff on Air Penguin, final destination NYC. (or so they think) The plane goes down in the vast plains of Africa – where the zoo-raised crew encounter species of their own kind for the very first time. While discovering their roots, they quickly find the differences between the concrete jungle and the heart of Africa. Despite long-lost relatives, romantic rivals and scheming members of the pride, Africa seems like a great place The friends go their separate ways living with there own herds and pride, but learn that even though they are different they are a better together and have a special bond that makes them a family. Can they pull it together and save the African Plains from a drought?.
I have yet to pan a movie in my reviews and Madagascar Return 2 Africa is no exception. This movie borrows liberally from the Lion King story Line but is big on the laughs. My daughter and I laughed out loud throughout the movie.
The movie is rated PG due to mild crude humor, and with the exception of some tension in the beginning of the movie I think it is suitable for kids four and older. It has a run time of about an hour and a half.
Bottom Line: This movie is Laugh out Loud Funny.
Although it is PG it is Suitable for Toddlers and older.
The Penguins Steal most of the scenes they are in.
The soundtrack is worked into the movie well with the Penguins popping in various 8 track's containing songs from Boston, Abba, and Barry Manilow during their Hi jinx

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Thanks for the review, I'll be checking this one out!

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