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Kidzense Review of The Tale of Despereaux

Despereaux is a small mouse (small for a mouse) but in his head he is a giant. Different than the other mice he does not scurry or cower. Despereaux is a brave little mouse a hero that will lift the dark cloud that hangs over the kingdom of Dor. Despereaux is born shortly after a tragic accident causes the Queen to cease living (A rat falls in her soup) the king is grief stricken and outlaws soup and rats. The kings actions have grave repercussions and the kingdom falls into darkness. This movie is remarkable in that it will appeal to adults as well as children and speaks to them on a different level. Unlike some other animated films that seem to intentionally throw in some trendy, nostalgic or "clever" dialog aimed at adults audiences, Despereaux has many levels of complexity. On the surface it is cute and funny with adventure and a fairy tale based story line. Beneath it cute exterior is a movie that examines how one event can trigger another and that a act by one can affect the lives of many in profound ways (both positive and negative).

We went to see The tale of Despereaux with kids ages 4,10,13, and 15 this is truly a family movie.

I would not take children below 3 years of age to see Despereaux. There are a few scenes that are scary and where Despereaux is in peril.

Tip: Go to a matinee (before 4:00 PM) for a reduced ticket price

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