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A look back at 2008 and the year ahead

In February of 2008 I launched the blog Kidzense which currently has 159 active posts. Kidzense was originally started when I found myself looking for stuff to do with my toddler on the Internet. I found myself having to pull information from many sites in trying to make a decision about whether or not a particular activity might be be a good choice for my family to do. I wanted to create a site that would be a single place for families to go and get information that would enable them to make informed decisions.

Categories have included: There have also been special series such as the Dinosaur Dig I did in Grand Prairie Canada over the summer and a series we ran the week leading up to earth day Earth Day.
In 2008 I also created my first eBook a children's story titled:Timmy the Tug and Billy Barge - A Story of Teamwork

Most notable has been the affect that blogging has had on my life. Through researching events to write about I think that I have done more with my daughter than I otherwise would have. Writing about these activities has also provided me with a greater appreciation of the time spent with my family. The other unexpected benefit of blogging has been my interaction with other bloggers and readers like yourself. I have been happily surprised by the support and encouragement from readers and the blogging community. In 2009 I hope to extend these relationships through guest articles and more reader comments and feedback.
Thanks for reading and Happy New Year

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