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Give Your Cuts and Burns Sweet Relief with Honey

Honey for Wound Care
One of the best remedies for small cuts and burns may not be in your medcine cabinet.
In ancient Egypt honey was used to help heal cuts and burns... Hippocrates used it on skin problems... and Romans used it for cleansing wounds.

Now centuries later scientists are discovering that this prized bee product can be good modern medicine for us—especially as a dressing to prevent burns and wounds from becoming infected.

One study published in the Cochrane Library showed that honey may promote faster healing of mild or moderate burns than regular dressings, and other studies have shown that honey can aide in healing wounds. This golden liquid appears to help increase the rate of both new tissue growth and the removal of dead tissue around the wound. It also contains natural hydrogen peroxide, which helps with healing. Now doesn't that sound like a sweet way to help heal your hurts?

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