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Goodbye Grandpa

My grandfather passed away this past week the last of my grandparents to pass on. He was 94 and lived a long life. An immigrant from Portugal he came to the United States. He later fought in WWII as an American Solider. Although he never really spoke about the war I knew he was a cook but wasn't sure if he saw any actual combat. During one of my last visits with him I had asked him about his time in the service - He stormed Normandy on D-day. He raised 7 children 2 girls and 5 boys with his wife Irene who preceded his passing by almost 6 years.

They originally lived in Newark NJ later moving to Kearney where he purchased two homes. During their retirement years they moved to Florida. They were joined later by some of my uncles and their families. I think this gave my grandparents much joy having their grandchildren around. Grandpa loved to fish and was happiest by the ocean. He would go fishing whenever time allowed.
As a child he took my Uncle Dennis, Brother Steve, and myself fishing many times.
I learned how to cast and drag a net we would come home with Fish and Crabs and have cookouts on many Sundays.
There was a real sense of family almost everyone lived in the same town and we had frequent get togethers. As kids we could walk or bike to any family members house.

Grandpa as most of the men in my family was the cook he renovated the basement in his Kearney house to have a downstairs kitchen where he would prepare most meals and would always offer you something when you visited. Holiday dinners were prepared in the main Kitchen So that when you arrived the smell of food filled the house.
There was a grown-up and Kids table. My Aunt Elaine would come in after she was done to check on us. If we didn't finish everything she would clear off our plates and report back that we were finished. (Onto desert)

My grandfathers passing marks the end of an era of European immigrants who came over to the US to live out the American dream and were able to maintain a sense of family and old world values. He taught me how to fish, that money didn't grow on trees, and about hard work. He was somewhat stoic but if you made him laugh it was a genuine hearty laugh that would put a smile on your face.

Grandpa we will miss you.

Book recommended by Sue:


sue said...

A very good book for kids (of all ages) that deals with life & death is
"The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story Of Life For All Ages " by Leo Buscaglia

Michael said...

Thanks Sue, Read that one at some point was good as I recall it looks at death as part of the cirle of life and how those who die never really entirely leave

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