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Earth Day - Gardening

Let me start by saying that I am no gardener my experience in gardening amounts to turning the soil for my grandfather's garden every year since as long as I can remember and occasionally watering the garden. For Earth Day my daughter's class each planted tomato plants in pots and we planted some wild flowers in the back yard. Tonight I was doing some research for our garden and I came across a great site geared towards kids but with really useful stuff for anyone (and by anyone, I me someone like me with limited gardening knowledge) The site covers things like setting up your Garden, making sure the soil is ready in both moisture and Temperature, and seed germination. (I really wish I read this site yesterday before we planted our flower seeds).
Here are some Tips:
When picking flowers and plants for your Garden it is a good idea to plant things that grow easily but also yield some interaction opportunities either thru textures, fragrances, or taste.

Easy to Grow Plants for Texture and Visual Appeal are: Lamb’s ear - These are easy to grow plants have soft, fuzzy foliage that kids love to touch and pet. Textural appeal also comes from papery plants like strawflower and Chinese lantern. Coneflowers are easy to grow and feel prickly to the touch.
The blazing star has stiff spikes of tiny, fuzzy, purple blossoms and is very easy to grow. Some bright color, easy to grow, child-friendly plants include zinnias and cosmos. Many of these are also great for picking, another activity that kids enjoy. Zinnias offer many colours and varieties to choose from. There is sure to be a variety to fit everyone. Cosmos not only look appealing but are extremely easy to grow. In fact, once established, they will continually self-seed, practically growing all by themselves. These plants produce fern-like foliage and large brightly coloured flowers.
The Pineapple lily has an interesting. This is a very easy plant to grow, needing little or no special attention. Its flower spikes range in colour from cream and green to pinkish-purple and are topped with a pineapple-like cluster of leaves.

Tasty Plants/Flowers:
Sunflowers are easy to grow and very attractive but kids will enjoy eating their seeds once ripe. Vegetables are always good choices for kids. They are extremely easy to grow and available in many interesting sizes, shapes, and colours. Tomatoes, carrots, and radishes are great choices, along with vine crops like cucumbers.
I am also planning on planting a herb garden filled with a variety of seasoning herbs possibly with oregano, basil, parsley, and garlic.

Here are the sites referenced in this article: Kids Valley Garden and The Kids Garden

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