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Earth Day - A wrap up and Beyond

Hopefully everyone did something for Earth Day - If you didn't you still can I think that is what is meant in part by the phrase Earth Day is Everyday. (You can do something for the environment anyday not Just Aprill 22nd )The Goal of Earth Day is to raise awareness in hopes to change everyday behaviors with regard to the Environment. (Similar to New Years resolutions but hopefully with better results) I a managed to create an Earth day related post almost everyday* leading up to Earth Day (*1 movie review post on Satuday and No post on Earth Day [I rode my bike home from work and left my computer there]). I learned a lot gathering information to get ideas for some of the posts. We donated money to have a tree planted. We planted a garden, did a nature walk, We got some additional reusable grocery bags, and became more conscious about turning lights off and unplugging appliances that draw power when not in use. Going forward I want to continue to develop my awareness of little things that I can do to help the environment and share these with my family, friends, and readers. I want to incorporate the 3'rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) into everyday behaviors.

Please goto Kidzense Group for Activities and coloring pages (under Files) Earth 911 delivers actionable local information on recycling and product stewardship that empowers consumers to act locally, live responsibly and contribute to sustainability.
Reduce Pollution: Plan your trip using Google Transit. Learn more.
Download the Energy Saver gadget for Google Desktop: Learn more.
Educators: Celebrate Earth Day in the classroom using Google Earth, Maps, and SketchUp. Learn more.
Green design professionals: Use Google SketchUp for 3D design and solar studies. Learn more.

Beyond Earth Day Events this weekend around Earthday
In New Jersey:
BERGEN COUNTY ZOO April 26, 2008.
Celebrate Earth Day at the Bergen County Zoo on Saturday, April 26th and join our Party for the Planet! Special activities and displays will be at the zoo throughout the day. Learn what the zoo and other organizations are doing to help save the planet, and learn how you can help, too!

TURTLE BACK ZOO April 27, 2008
11am — 4pm. Keep the Earth Day Party rolling and join us at Turtle Back Zoo for our 2nd annual Party for the Planet. Learn about our planet and what you can do to help conserve it. Special activities and talks throughout the day.

Come to Liberty Science Center this weekend and get $2 off admission to the PSEG Global Green Expo 2008 in Liberty State Park. Taking place April 25-27 at the historic Central Railroad Terminal, the Global Green Expo is dedicated to changing the way that we live. How? By providing information and inspiration about global environmental issues. You'll learn what you and your family can do -- right now -- to help turn the tide.
Informed speakers, product demonstrations, information booths and global networking opportunities will spotlight the most recent ideas and technology, teaching us what we can be done one person at a time. By providing practical, real-life options, this event will make a difference in your life at home and at work.

In New York
Party for the Planet Earth Week, April 21–27
Learn about the Human Footprint, make art from recycled materials, enjoy Wildlife Theater, and meet our Earth Day ambassadors, tigers Norma, Alexis, Taurus, and Zeff!
You can also celebrate Earth Day at the New York Aquarium
or at a zoo near you—the Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, or Queens Zoo.

In Connecticut
(about 1 hour from the GWB)
Westport, CT: Green Earth Fair
A fun and informative fair about helping the environment and living a green life. There will be exhibitors, speakers, and activities for all ages, and admission is $5 per person. Event Date: April 26-27, 2008
Event Time: 12:00 - 4:00 PM
Address: 10 Woodside Lane, P.O. Box 165 Westport , CT 06880 USA
Contact Person: John Horkel
Phone: 203-227-7253

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Michael said...

BP Lubricants USA. Hosted a what are you doing for Earth Day Contest with its Employees here are some of the responses:
Teaching a group of Kindergarten and First Graders about energy and the science of the earth, as well about landscaping and tree planting. I am graduate of Cook College, Rutgers University where the day is a big holiday. Will be partnered with a friend who has a landscaping business in town who will be teaching kids about what it takes to plant a tree. Hope to give each child a seedling for planting. I myself planted one 30 years ago and it is now well over 4 stories tall.

More than one thing, I'm doing a whole bunch of little things...

1) I joined a CSA for this summer (
2) I try to buy food organic where I can
3) I am using more 'natural' cleaners like vinegar & baking soda & castille soap
4) Will be planting a small vegetable garden in my yard, using grass clippings & leaves as compost, and no chemical fertilizers.
5) Running my clothes washer in cold setting
6) Subscribed to for ongoing ideas on how I can "green" up my life
7) I carpool to work
8) Subscribing to to clean out my mailbox of junk mail
9) When I remember (!) I bring canvas bags for food shopping.
10) Use a programmable thermostat at home, in winter try to keep the day temp to 68F, night to 62F.
11) Use to give away usable stuff I don't want, rather than throwing it out.
12) Keeping an ear open for new ideas on how to 'green' up my life ;)

I'm a firm believer that little bits all add up eventually ;)
On the actual April 22nd Earth Day, I plan to be hiking in the "Pennsylvania Wilds" aka north-central PA, with my wife, Tracy. We both enjoy the scenic vistas afforded by this form of recreation ( too bad the good views are always uphill ) and I'm taking a week's vacation before the bugs and high humidity kick in.

On a less selfish note, but not actually on Earth Day, our hometown of Ringwood has an outstanding examples of volunteerism. It's called "Caring for Ringwood Day" and is usually scheduled for a Saturday in early May. Residents band together to clean up neighborhoods, roadsides, parks and other areas.
At around 9 a.m., volunteers - fueled by coffee, juices, bagels, and donuts - receive their assignments at the local park & ride (bus) lot. Necessary supplies, such as garbage bags, are provided - and all are welcome. At the end of the clean-up, around noon, volunteers are invited back to the park & ride for soda, snacks and hot dogs. And the town gets it's annual spring cleaning !
Ride my Bike to/from Work one day a week 60 miles @ 3 gallons of gas and save $11.00
I have re-started using my compost instead of throwing out vegetable and fruits, I place them in the compost, so that it can later be used as fertilizer and nutrients for my lawn and plants.
I have given away clothes that no longer fit my family to others who can wear them instead of throwing them out.
I continue to recycle paper, bottles, tin cans and plastics at home. I walk whenever I can instead of driving, such as to the grocery store. I bring back my plastic bags to the grocery store for re-use instead of taking new bags. I re-use paper that I have printed on- I give it to my 4-year old son as scrap paper so he can color and draw on the opposite site and sometime on the same side! My family will also enjoy the great outdoors at the Blossomfest that is going on in honor of Earth Day at the Essex County park.
I often do something with my kids, such as walk around the neighborhood and collect litter, but this year I happen to be going to New York, with my sister to see "Regis & Kelly." We will use public transportation (taking the train), rather than burning fuel, idling in traffic, in our cars.

Not a big initiative for the day, but every little bit helps, right?
My family had joined with our local school to commit the program "Save the energy for Earth" on selected Saturday.
We will shutdown all the lighting and electronic unit at night for 1-2 hours and have a time together or go to bed earlier.
That is the way we celebrate our earth day by saving some energy.
1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Here's an except from

Let's be up front: Taking the stairs instead of an elevator doesn't save much energy.

If you take two flights of stairs every day at work, you're saving about 72 kilowatts of energy each of those days — which equals about 90 cents a year in energy costs.

So why do I always take the stairs?

First, it's still a green thing to do. Any energy saved is good for the environment. And because elevators run on electricity, taking an elevator might require the mining of uranium or fossil fuel, the operation of a nuclear or fossil fuel plant, transmission to your elevator, and the emission of greenhouse gases.

And second…it's a lot better for you. Your head as well as your body.

2. Drop off some used motor oil at a recycling center. I just found out where my local recycling place is.
3. I'm going to make sure that I turn out lights that I'm not using. I already do this around the office... when I see empty Huddle Room lights on.
I've also already started replacing burnt out regular light bulbs in my house with energy efficient light bulbs.
Stay home and save the environment from the waste of gas from at least one automobile.
I am making arrangements to have a lot of new trees planted this year on my property.

I made a new year's resolution to decrease my electricity consumption by turning off all lights in rooms which are not occupied in my home, to watch tv in the dark with no lights on, and to unplug items which are not used frequently (unplugging items saves even more electricity than leaving them plugged in and unused.) I have adhered to this resolution to-date.
Candle lit dinner, cook on the grill and the remainder of the night watching the fire in the chiminey instead of the TV.
Here are the things I've done for Earth Day this year.

1. My whole house now runs on fluorescent bulbs instead of the regular ones.
2. I've removed my name from several mailing lists so I don't receive so much paper in the mail. What I do get is recycled, along with our plastics and bottles/cans.
3. I've turned off lights and appliances that aren't in use, including here at work. Computers get shut down at night and the billing machine which was kept on 24/7 is shut down on a daily basis now.
4. My husband and I are planting a garden so we can have some home grown vegetables and fruits this year.
5. We have also planted several Apple trees and will be putting in a peach tree as soon as the weather breaks.

Just to add a note, we're using scrap paper to print e-mails on since it would have been trashed anyway, and only printing the e-mails that are necessary.

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