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Earth Day - Take a Hike

What better way to celebrate the Earth than to get out enjoy nature by taking a nature walk or even exploring your own backyard. We have a really great backyard thanks in part to our neighbors who planted flowers along a trail they mdae that goes up to the cliffs above our house.
You can find an exauhstive list of Plants and animals in your area at: eNature.
On our walk we found lots of Flowers (among them tulips and violets) some ivy growing up the side of a tree, various plants, some grub worms in a piece of buried decomposing wood, a bumble bee, and an earthworm that we watched tunnel under the ground for about a 1/2 hour (When kids want to they can be most patient) and a few Cardinals (Check out The Birdsource).

We made a small garden and planted some wild flower seeds. Gardening was great I forgot how much fun kids have geting dirty. Z-girl has promised to water her garden everyday until the flowers start to grow.
I hope they do it would be nice to have something to show for her effort (If not I guess there is another lesson to be learned albeit less desirable)

Additional Links: Audubon Society, GORP, Children Nature & You, Hooked on Nature

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