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Cooking up Some Fun

Cooking and Baking are a good opportunity to work together, explore foods, and have some fun. I started having my daughter help with some cooking as soon as she showed an interest in what I was doing. (around the age of two) The movie RATATOUILLE really peaked her interest and she has been involved ever since helping with Saturday breakfast, many a dinner, and cupcakes for a bake sales or a treat. Before we started we covered some basic ground rules about safety in the kitchen and once the oven or a burner goes on she has to be on the other side of the Kitchen counter. Some things that kids can do early on are mixing ingredients, cracking eggs, and adding spices. I usually have her put the spices into a separate bowl before adding to everything else. If there is an accidentally overdose of a spice I can just dump out the bowl and start over. You may want to do the same with eggs to avoid shells. Getting you child involved in cooking can get them more interested in the food they eat after all they did have a hand in making it. You can get them to explore different tastes and smells. Ask them to try things along the way and get there input as to what they think might go good with what you are making. Things won't always go perfect and you can wind up with a mess or the need to call for pizza just go with the flow and if it is not feeling fun stop and try another day.

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