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Travel Tip: Have ipod will travel

Travel Tip: If you have a video ipod then you already have a travel entertainment System. I originally loaded some of my daughters favorite shows onto my ipod and played them thru the cars stereo aux input. We were immediatly hooked. The main drawback is that the episodes can run up in cost pretty quick at 1.99 + tax/ 30 min show. There are some alternatives though. Free Podcast subscriptions are available, PBS.KIDS SUPER WHY? is one that we like, or if you have the time and inclination you can copy your DVD's to your ipod (easier if you have an mac) On the pc I found this to be a bit of a pain. I had to rip the DVD to my pc then Convert to an mpeg-4 and then load that file into my itunes, convert it for playing in itunes and finally sync with my ipod (1.99 seems pretty cheap right about now). I am sure there is an easier way. Here is what a quick google search yielded: and
I will try some of these option and post results on a later blog. Anyway back to the original topic the ipod can play video, music, and games. You can play the audio thru the Car Stereo if you have an aux jack. If you dont have that or a tape deck adapter, or desire a quiet moment get the little one('s) some headphones of their own. I found a place that makes great kids accesories for the ipod ifrogz tadpole line has great cases and headphones for kids. Prices range from 9.00-40.00

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