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Snow Day

There is something magic about snow that brings out the kid in most of us. Sure as adults we have to drive in it and shovel it, but we can also play in it (yet another thing our kids can remind us of)
There is also a renewal that snow brings covering everything in a blanket of white, the familiar becomes transformed. One of my favorite experiences is walking at night while it is snowing it is so quiet and peaceful the snow absorbs the sounds around you. The only thing you can hear is the crunching of your footsteps in the snow. The light from the streetlamps is reflected off the snow creating a twilight sort of lighting.
The creative possibilities of snow are many among them snow angels, snow balls, snow forts, and snow men. One of our favorite activities is sledding and by the number of people at our local spot it is a favorite of many families. We did a couple of runs together with my daughter and then she was ready to go on our own. I sent her on her way with a push from the top. My wife waited down at the bottom. It was exhilarating to be jetting down the hill. My daughter had a big smile on her face, she could hardly contain her giggles at the end of her run. Yesterday we hiked up the cliff trail in our backyard at around dusk we got to the top and laid down on our backs an looked out over the snow covered roofs of the town and just lied there not saying too much. It's funny how a lot of the bonding moments you have can be some of the simplest.

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