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New Jersey Childrens Museum

(201) 262-5151
I have been here a few times during rainy or very cold days where I needed to get out with my daughter. In general it is a fun place and reasonable 10 dollars per person for a day of activities.
Despite its name it is not a Museum more of a hands on place with some educational value and a lot of play. The main downside of this place is that with the number of kids that come through it seems to be a breeding place for germs (Hand sanitizer and wipes are a must and a pack of Clorox wipes is not a bad idea for wiping down some of the exhibits.) Also the place gets crowded on weekends so there are a lot of opportunities for interactions with other kids with that come some of the issues associated like sharing, pushing, grabbing although I have never had a real problem there has definitely been some tension on both ends. (It can help to go with a small group that plays well together)
Definitely bring a camera there are a ton of photo opportunities with lots of props and costumes for kids to explore imaginative play.
I would recommend for Kids ages 2-7
Here is a list of Exhibits:

  • Fire Truck (What Kid Doesn’t Like a fire truck - Great Photo Op)
  • Construction Zone (You can build stuff with big Foam Blocks and then knock em down
  • Space & Aviation
  • Animal Senses
  • Medieval Castle Kids
  • Pizzeria Grocery Store
  • Wild West
  • Dinosaur Cave (Kids Love Dinosaurs The Fossil Dig is fun)
  • Ballet Studio
  • Play Hospital
  • T.V. Studio
  • Baby Nook
  • Post Office
  • Giant Train Set (Everyone stops here)
  • Bernoulli Blower (Place an inflatable globe over the blower it Floats up ans Spins)
  • Driving & Drawing*
  • Light Mosaic*
  • Body Print*

* New for 2007 Items in Bold were our favorites

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