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Kid Friendly Businesses

There are some places that you go with your children and you immediatly feel that it's not a good idea and you are probably better off coming back without the kids. There are other Businesses that seem to Cater or at least have their younger patrons in mind.
In this article and Future Kid Freindly Posts I will list some of these. This weeks list has a bank, a grocery store, and 2 book stores. The Bank is Commerce Bank and if you have been there with your Kids it is probably no surprise it is on the list. They have a change counter (Coin Arcade) that allows kids to guess the amount they have in change and gives them extra money if they guess within a certain amount.
Right next to the change counter is a restroom to clean your hands after handling the money. I opened an account with my daughter after getting a receipt for her change (There is no minimum for Kids accounts) my daughter received a Statement Saving Book, (passbook is also available) a coloring book, a Commerce "piggy bank", and of course a lollipop. There is also a kids website with money lessons and games
Trader Joes is the Grocery store on the list because they offer instore crafts that kids can do this Wednesday the 13th Kids can make a Valentines Day card at the Edgewater store. They also have kids size carts which have a capacity similiar to a hand basket (My daughter loves to push the big carts at the grocery store. This usually adds about 5 to 15 minutes and a little tension to a visit to the grocery store) The Kid carts are very welcome and a great idea. Trader Joes also gives kids a Balloon of their color choice and some stickers at checkout giving kids something to look forward to "if they are good". There are also food and beverage samples to stop and try during your shopping trip. (Bonus for Parents)
The Book Stores are 2 of the biggest on the east coast, both Borders and Barnes and Noble offer in-store events and dedicated Childrens Book Sections. Check the Links above as well as Upcoming Events for in-store story times and special Events.

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