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Haircuts for Kids

When my daughter was about one and 1/2 I tried my hand at quickly snipping the few long wisps falling into her eyes. But now that she's got a full head of hair I am getting ready to take her for her 1st haircut at a hair salon. My wife and I have both brought our daughter with us when we have gone for our haircuts so she seems pretty comfortable with the idea. While both of our hairstylists have offered and even requested to give her a haircut I was looking for a place more geared towards kids. My internet search yielded quite a few places but only a couple were in New Jersey.
The other thing that I found was a number of articles that were about children being anxious about getting a haircut. We have not actually gone for the haircut yet so I cannot comment from experience on this but I do not anticipate this being a tramatic endeavor.
Some Places I found in the Tri-State Area were
Snipits - Who has there own line of Hair care products, Kids themed Spa services, and Parties
Cartoon Cuts - Not Local but site has some resources - Another resource

Some Good tips that I read were:
Have your child go with you or see someone else get a Haircut prior to them going for their own.
Make sure you go when your child is awake (not due for a nap), and fed
Make an appointment so you are not waiting to get in the chair which can cause anxiety to build

If you have a place that you like please let us know where it is and why you and your child like it.

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