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Getting Together with Family

I grew up in a "Big family" my immediate family was average in size (just the 4 of us) but both my grandparents and all of my Mom's brothers and sisters (6) lived in the same town. For a long time it was my brother who was 3 years older than me, my Uncle who was 4 years older and myself. The three of us did almost everything together. We made go-karts, played Baseball, Football and Hockey, rode our bikes and explored a lot (If our parents knew how much and how far we explored I think they would have locked us away). When I was about 10 or so two of my cousins came to live with my Uncle in our town and then it was the 5 of us for a while until my family moved away. We have seen each other to varying degrees over time but have always remained pretty close.
This weekend we all got together with our kids and it was great to see them all playing together and having fun. It is hard to explain but there is a special connection that seems to be Inherint within families. It seems families are more geographically diverse these days. Where we used to be 10 min from one another now it can be 1-5 hours. I think it is worth the commute.

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