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Jungle Jack Hanna at Ramapo College of New Jersey

Today we went to Ramapo College to see Jack Hanna its was very enjoyable. There were a few moments during the show where he spoke about some issues that were probably not suitable for younger children. (Genocide in Rawanda and the San Fransisco Tiger Attack) but these things happened and they exist in our world so I don't see it as an issue. (Just a heads up) Jack has a very warm way about him. The presentation is very much like you have visited him at his home and he is introducing you to some of his friends. The show was comprised of video and live animals and was about an 1 1/2 Hours in duration. There was a chance to meet Jack before the show, take pictures, and get autographs. After the show the handlers were available with some of the animals so that the kids could go upto the stage and get a closer look. (Petting was not permitted I think that is a state thing more than a show policy). I took some video about 10 Minutes worth it is pretty raw but it gives you an idea of what the live part of the show is about. This was a great show for the kids, parents, and I think grandparents would really enjoy this one as well (Since they don't have to be in tune to the latest characters.)

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