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The Crayola Factory

30 Centre SquareEaston, PA 18042

From New York the ride is about 1.5 hours we went with our 3 year old by the end of our walk thru the entire factory she was pretty tired but became re-invigorated when we went to the adjacent Crayola store. There are many standard activities with additional special ones going on. During our visit, there was a winter scene activity going on which we had a variety of colored and foiled papers, various cut pattern scissors, and Glue sticks to work with. (Very similar to an activity you might find at a local kids art studio) They were also making T-shirts that day there was an extra fee for the shirt.
Some Upcoming Special Activities in February are 12-17 Create a bookmark, 14th Valentines day activities, 18th “Name the President” Contest, 29th (Leap Year Froggy Projects)

The Factory is made of creative spaces with different activity themes. There is a crayon carousel , Water Color Painting center with a picture dryer, Chalk Walk, What's Hot Center that has new product demonstrations and more.

Crayola® Meltdown
This exhibit offers visitors an opportunity to paint with
different colors of melted Crayola crayon wax. (Ages 5 and Older)
There is also a Hall of fame with some cool memorabilia, and a simulated factory where they demonstrate how crayons and markers are made you get a crayon and marker sample. and get to put the label on the crayon yourself.
Easton Press and Bindery
This exhibit explores traditional and non-traditional print making. Children make their own stationery or assemble a book. From finger painting to plate making, the extraordinary world of images is here to be explored.
Super Sculptures
Get children involved using hands-on play to mold sculptures We played with the Crayola version of playdough which was white but you color with markers texturally it was different than playdough and more maleable.
The Light Zone
Take time to color on miniature slides and project the image on the wall for everyone to see. There is an Animation Station here, too, where children can
create their own 3-D film clips using available objects and a camera.
The Creative Studio
Color on both sides of giant glass walls and watch the colors combine to make new hues.
Cool Moves
Try out this favorite activity, which lets children dance with their silhouettes to music!
Color Park
This exhibit was specially created for children ages 5 and under, with fun activities that include a ball play area and a discovery garden

When you enter the factory (I would suggest booking online to avoid the line wait) You dont want to do a long drive look for parking [I would suggest the Parking garage directly across from the factory I think it was about 6-8 dollars to park for the day] then get out of the car, walk to the factory hang you coats - There is a coat check then wait in line to get tickets to possibly find out that they are Sold out for the day.

Logistical Information
Adults and Children (ages 3-64): $9.50*
Seniors (ages 65+): $9.00*
Infants (2 and younger): Free Admission
Military discount available.
*Admission price does not include the 5% City of Easton
admissions tax.
Parking is available for a fee at the municipal parking
garage. On-street, metered parking is also available.
Hours, prices and programs are subject to
change without notice.
All children under the age of 16 are required to be
accompanied by an adult chaperone.
Reservations can be made by calling
Group Sales at 610-515-8000 (press 2),
Monday-Saturday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Checkout Crayola online at:

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